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Virtual $49

per month

For small or distributed teams who use their mobile phones.

1 User (extension + voice mailbox + app)
3 Lines
Offices $79+

per month

Offices with desk phones and/or employees in the field.

3 Users + 6 Lines
Add User/Ext $28
Custom Quote Variable


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Large Offices
Multiple Locations
Call Centers

Plan Add-Ons

Add on users or lines as your business evolves so that you always pay for what you use.   

Additional User


Each user (or phone) includes 1 extension with a voicemail box and mobile app and 1 additional line.  Each user can be connected to an office phone with a designated line.  

Additional Lines


Each line increases capacity for call volume such as concurrent incoming calls, forwarding to a mobile phone numbers or callers waiting in the queue.  

Virtual Fax


Send and receive faxes on your computer with a virtual fax number.

Business Phones

Learn More

We offer a suite of top notch business phones.  You can purchase or lease phones or use your previous phones with Coastal Voice phone service.  Just ask! 


Can I keep my current phone number?

YES!  We will port the number over for you.  It usually takes about 2 weeks during which time we will have your new phone system set up and running so that the transition is seamless.    

How long does it take to switch to Coastal Voice? 

The entire process takes 2-3 weeks.  We will schedule an onboarding meeting and site survey, set-up and configure your phone service and then come and install your new phones (if needed) and provide a tutorial for your new system.  

Can I keep my current office phones?

Coastal Voice is a VOIP phone service and can be installed with most standard VOIP phones.  Just send us a model number (or photo) of your phones and we can let you know if they will work with Coastal Voice.  If not, we do offer office phones for purchase or lease.  

How do I make changes to our configuration options? 

If you need to change your auto-attendant options and recordings, add a new user or anything really – you will have full access through the Coastal Voice online portal and mobile app.  However, we’re always here for you to help with changes or just questions.  

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